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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

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Advantage Carpet & Upholstery Care is proud to be the only ultrasonic blind cleaner on the north end of Vancouver Island. Based in Campbell River, we are pleased to serve residential and commercial customers throughout the area. All types of blinds can be cleaned including venetians, verticals, metal, cloth and plastic blinds.


The ultrasonic method of cleaning, which uses high frequency transducers (sound waves) to remove soil and stains, has been around for more than 30 years. Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in the dental, jewellery and auto repair industries for more than 30 years. Advantage Carpet & Upholstery Care has provided this service since 1997.


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What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonic technology is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to rid your blinds or shades of dust, grease and grime. Professional ultrasonic cleaning is recommended by window covering manufactures. A machine that is powered by an ultrasonic generator creates millions of tiny bubbles that through high frequency sound waves or cavitations, penetrate deep into fabrics to remove oils, dirt and more to get your blinds looking their best. The scrubbing bubbles pulsing through the warm water gently clean all areas of the blind, vanes, tracks, ladders, head rails and cords to leave them clean and bacteria free.


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Why Should I Have my Blinds Professionally Cleaned?

Just as your carpets and upholstery need to be professionally cleaned at least once a year to maintain a healthy indoor environment, so should your blinds. Like your carpets, your blinds are exposed to airborne proteins produced by cooking oils from your kitchen that can stick to the surface, attracting dust, dirt, airborne pollutants, hair and skin follicles and more. Because the proteins are sticky, you can’t just wipe them clean with a cloth as you might on a hard surface. Professional ultrasonic blind cleaning penetrates deep into your blind’s surface to remove proteins quickly and efficiently.

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